CND Cuticle Cocktail

CND Cuticle Cocktail

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Treat your hands at home with the Cuticle Cocktail at home kit.

OMG first time I used this I fell in love with it !

Products absorb and nourished my cuticles . 

Step 1: Begin by applying CND Cuticle Eraser to the cuticles. With Alpha-hydroxy acid and micro beads for exfoliation, the cuticle eraser will slough away dry, dead cuticle.

Step 2: Next apply CND Solar Oil, which is an amazing nail and cuticle conditioner! One drop is enough to finish the cocktail on each nail!

Step 3: Massage in for mega exfoliation and moisturization! Don’t rub off or wash hands, instead allow it soak in and reap all the benefits of beautiful, moisturized cuticles and nails!

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