Freshen Up Facial: 45mins/$60

Great way to introduce yourself to facials or if you just need a pick me up for your skin.

The Freshen Up Facial begins with a cleanse, skin analysis and exfoliation with a relaxing head and scalp massage.

After the exfoliation a warm mud masque is applied. Enjoy a relaxing hand & arm massage while your masque nourishes and soothes the skin.

Finish up with a toner, eye products, serum and moisturizer.


Rejuvenating Facial with Far infrared therapy

60 mins/$80

This facial is designed to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

Medispa Naturals products are used in this facial.

Begin with a double cleanse, followed by toner and a skin analysis.

This facial has two exfoliating steps:

First is a gentle white Tea Gel Peel to soften dead skin cells.

Then a Cranberry Heating & Exfoliating mask is applied to brighten the skin and even out skin tone, leaving skin smooth and revitalized. Enjoy a relaxing head and scalp massage while mask is on.

Then receive a warm towel exfoliation removal followed by a collagen facial mask along with the Far Infrared facial panel.

Receive a relaxing hand and arm massage

The service is finished with after care products- toner ,eye product, serum,moisturizer and SPF.


Sensi Facial: 60 mins/$80

This facial makes peace with your sensitive skin using an extra gentle formula that has soothing botanical's and naturally derived ingredients.

These products are clinically tested for sensitive skin, fragrance, colourant free-and allergy and dermatologist tested.

The service begins with a gentle cleansing of your skin, followed by Sensi Toner to balance the ph level and a gentle exfoliant.

While the exfoliant works its magic, you’ll enjoy a head and scalp massage.

Next up the Bio Cellulose Face Mask is applied, this  mask is made with ingredients that calm and soothe your skin. During this mask enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage, followed with a face, neck and decollete massage using gel base product.

Finish up this service with eye product, serum , moisturizer and Spf.


Acne Facial: 60 mins/$80

Discover a truly forward thinking approach to clear skin.
Begin with a cleanse, tone and skin analysis.

Our White Tea Gel Peel is applied, which contains papaya extract that helps to remove impurities, clear blemishes and slough away dead skin cells. Enjoy a head and scalp massage while this product is on. Regular use of the ingredients is said to help clear blemishes, fade acne spots, scars and sun damage.

After removal of exfoliant a Charcoal Purifying Tissue Mask is applied to skin. You’ll receive a relaxing hand and arm massage while this mask is on. The tissue mask is composed of bamboo charcoal fibres. This ingredient has an absorbent power which is able to remove and sweep away sebum excess, impurities and toxins. It also contains PoreAway an active ingredient based on mastic, an aromatic resin coming from the bark of a tree from Greece. A precious resin to fight diamanté’s pores and matify the skin.

Finish with a aftercare products. Specific Botanicals were carefully selected to heal the skin.


Back Facial: 60 mins/$90

The Back Facial uses our Sea source Botanical products.

Relax while I begin with a dry brushing technique to help with circulation followed by a gentle cleansing.

Then experience a sea foaming scrub to remove dead skin cell and prepare the skin for the sea source mud mask with a thermal wrap. During the mask, you’ll enjoy a head and scalp massage.

Finishing up with a relaxing back massage to soothe and relax the back.


Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment: 55 mins/$110

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive method of skin resurfacing.

This method uses a diamond sapphire exfoliator that is placed on the skin while a vacuum tube from within removes the skins cellular debris.

This facial helps with acne scars, skin tone, fine lines and helps stimulate collagen.

After a double cleanse, and the exfoliation a hydrating mask is applied to nourish the skin, and while mask is on you receive an aromatic head & scalp massage.

The treatment is then completed with after care products.

Cold Light Photo-therapy Facial Treatment: 60 mins/$150

This treatment is a safe, effective use of low level light therapy technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines,wrinkles and age spots by promoting collagen firmness. It stimulates deep skin tissue using Photo-stimulation with specific light, that is proven to help with:
-anti- aging
and skin healing
Micro-current lifts, radio frequency firms, and light stimulates. Starts with a cleanse, tone, and skin analysis, then your skin will receive a refreshing white tea gel peel exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. During the mask, enjoy a relaxing head & scalp massage. Now you're ready to receive the Cold Light Therapy! This treatment provides no down time as it does not generate heat, so you're good to walk right out and enjoy your day.

Micro/Cold Light Therapy Combo: 60 mins/$150

The best of both services. This is a combination of my Cold Light Phototherapy and Microdermabrasion to achieve maximum benefits of each service. Enjoy a head and scalp massage throughout your service and finish with aftercare.

The Works: 105 mins/$250

This ultimate skin care treatment. Micro-needling combined with radio frequency creates amazing results to the skin from within. Begins with a double cleanse, tone, and skin analysis Followed with our four step Soft Micro-needling Treatment service. Soft Micro-needling helps with: acne scars, pigmentation, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Next you'll receive our Cold Light Therapy Treatment that utilizes Micro-current to lift and tone, radio frequency to tighten and cold light to stimulate collagen as as well as heal acne type skin Last but not least receive a Far-Infared Treatment with a mask chosen for your skin type!