Soft Micro-Needling

Soft Micro-Needling: 60mins/$195

This Micro Needling Facial is one of the newest technologies available.This system preforms micro-needling with medical grade blunt nylon needles that open 500,000 skin channels in the skin. All vital functions of the epidermis and dermis are stimulated, which is ideal for penetration of the active ingredients. Activation of the dermis can be achieved in the first treatment.

What can Micro-Needling help with?

-Acne scars

-Pigmentation (brown spots)

-Dehydrated looking skin


-Uneven complexion

So, why choose Soft Micro-Needling over other options?

 -No numbing required

-Non-invasive means no down time

-can be performed anytime of the year

-stimulates 500,000 micro channels while other derma pen rollers achieve only 80,000 stimulates micro channels at most

This service also includes the Far-infrared facial Panel with a Hylaronic mask. 



The Ultimate Facial: 75 mins/$250

The reason this is called the Ultimate it has the best of both worlds!

Micro needling helps with:

-Acne scars/pit marks

-Hyperpigmentation/brown spots


-Fine lines/wrinkles

While Cold Light Therapy helps to:

-Lift the skin

-Tightens skin

-Stimulate collage

Making this the perfect duo for your ultimate dream skin!